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Healthy Gums Contribute to a Healthy Mouth

For any individual today, there has never been more information about gum health available. Issues such as dental care were once put to the wayside, left to fester and cause major problems later on down the line. Today, though, dental teams -- like NEO Dentistry in Kyle -- are far more secure about the importance of gum health – and so should everyone who wants to maintain dental quality for years to come. It turns out that our gums are as important to our dental hygiene as the teeth themselves. Who knew!?

As the primary cause of tooth loss today, gum disease is the most common reason to start needing expensive treatments and replacements. Infection can be something that goes on silently – providing no pain and no stress until it’s too late. One of the most common signs of gum disease is blood appearing when brushing and/or flossing. The other most common symptom would be teeth that are wobbling or shaking in any capacity.

Take Care of Your Gums

However, so long as gum health is taken care quickly when problems do occur, it can be solved. Rather than having to go down the painful and expensive surgical routes, fast discovery of poor gum health can allow for the avoidance of surgical needs.

When gum disease reaches an advanced and dangerous level, though, you can begin to say goodbye to non-surgical prevention and solutions. Indeed, gum health is more than just losing teeth – it has many links to serious health conditions.

Don’t fret, though; you can, with the right approach, make those gum problems vanish in no time at all!

A bit of extra care and attention can really put you on the right path to having happy, healthy gums once again. It’s really not quite as hard as people might expect or presume! Let’s take a look at gum health and its inherent importance. Once you understand the problem, you can do so much more to combat it!

Gum Disease – No Laughing Matter

It’s a common problem for people to not notice, or care, about gum health. However, if you knew that it could be contributing to your chances of anything from suffering a stroke to heart disease, respiratory problems or diabetes, would you be so blasé?

Gum disease is nothing that you should ignore or avoid. The American Dental Association (ADA) estimate that just 2 out of 10 adults in the United States don’t suffer from some form of gum disease at one stage. While many people can solve the problem by taking better care of their teeth, others aren’t so lucky.

In the past, we used to put gum disease down as something rather unhygienic and a little embarrassing. Now, though? It could be the starting point for your death. That’s not to sound dramatic; research over the years has shown that medical professionals have significantly misunderstood the importance of solid gum health.

Why? Because it turns out that the bacterial build-up from our gums gets into our bloodstream. This can be a major cause of heart problems, leading to the development of anything from heart disease to respiratory failure. Not good, right? Well, don’t worry; these problems can all be solved with a bit of extra protection and supervision on your end. While it might just mean five less minutes in bed each morning, the benefits are going to be stronger, happier teeth and safe, healthy gums!

Watch for Bleeding Gums and Wobbling Teeth

If you are suffering from wobbling or damaged teeth and are noticing blood when brushing/flossing, it’s time to get a check-up. Losing a tooth might not be so bad in your eyes, but the range of health problems that can come from a lack of dental care go far beyond the aesthetics!

Dental health plays a major role in our general quality of life and the way that we live. To help you get around these problems, you should be prepared to investigate how you eat, what you eat, and how you care for your teeth.

Should you notice any of the recurring symptoms mentioned, do yourself a favor and get checked out. It’s not worth dying over!

Don’t get it into your head that gum disease is going to put you in the ground in your prime, but at the same time don’t avoid the fact that, in the grand scheme of things, gum health truly matters. It’s a problem that can be solved with a bit of maintenance and vigilance, so don’t feel like you’re already beaten. For more help and information, feel free to contact us at (512) 722-6131 and we’ll smash your gum woes together.