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  • Acid erosion or enamel erosion is quite a common tooth disease that can cause irreparable damage to the teeth. Our mouth is constantly consuming something or the other throughout the day. Acids of different strength and concentration can cause harm to the teeth.

  • For any individual today, there has never been more information about gum health available. Issues such as dental care were once put to the wayside, left to fester and cause major problems later on down the line. Today, though, dental teams are far more secure about the importance of gum health – and so should everyone who wants to maintain dental quality for years to come. It turns out that our gums are as important to our dental hygiene as the teeth themselves.

  • Being asked to brush and floss our teeth is probably a strong memory from our childhood. For most years, it was achievement to brush your teeth daily. We know that good oral hygiene helps keep bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay at bay but what most people don’t know is that a good oral hygiene does much more than that.

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