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The 3M Digital Scanner

People associate dental procedures with pain. They are afraid of the dental treatment procedures for all the obvious reasons. However, this is not the case anymore. Now the level of pain has been reduced to a noticeable extent because of the advancements in the dental procedures.

This is the digital age and the dental industry is also making the full use of it – thanks to a 3M digital scanner. A 3M digital scanner has made it easier for the dentists to provide better services and treatment to the patients.

Benefits of this Scanner

Shows the Complete Picture

The 3M digital scanner is designed in a way to gain immediate and comfortable access to all the areas of the mouth. This helps in routine as well as advanced dental procedures. All the problems (minor and major) can be diagnosed and treated later.

Improved Care

This scanner allows us to provide our patients with an improved diagnostic and treatment experience. The enhanced accuracy and precision of the 3-D digital image provides exceptionally detailed view and improves the communication between us and the patients. This procedure is also very comfortable for the patients.

Enhanced Productivity

While ensuring the comfort and better treatment of the patients, this scanner helps improve the productivity. A higher number of patients can be treated now with these scanners at the same time while ensuring quality in the procedures. Taking a complete picture of all areas of the mouth takes just about 2 to 3 minutes which is much less than the traditional ways of diagnosing the problem.

Better Precision

The 3M digital scanner allows the dentists to treat the dental problems with better accuracy and precision. Minor, as well as major dental problems, can be cured easily. This scanner also displays the nature of the problem and gives a better idea about the problem and helps decide the treatment.

Why Choose this Service

For a better, enhanced, and improved dental treatment experience, 3M digital scanners are ideal. These scanners make all the procedures very easy for the patients. They can get instant treatment without wasting a lot of time in the diagnostics. This service is also not very expensive also which is designed to put as less burden on the patients as possible.

Why Choose NEO Dentistry

Having the services of professional dentists, we are offering diagnostic and treatment through the 3M digital scanner. The services that we are offering are affordable, instant and effective in favor of all your dental problems. We use state of the art latest dental equipment maintaining high levels of quality and hygiene. We, at NEO Dentistry, are eager to maintain our own standards. We are committed to providing you with the best dental experience ensuring that you do not feel any sort of pain. 

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